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iPad Therefore I am : Why I’m getting the iPad

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After years of speculation and intense rumor mongering, January 27th saw Steve Jobs present to the world the newest gadget from Cupertino, the Apple iPad. It was a grand unveiling that Apple has become accustomed to pulling off. It’s been a few weeks since we first laid eyes on this thing and many are starting to wonder if all of the commotion was necessary. Although we’re still a good 2-3 months from seeing the final product on store shelves, I’m here to say I’ll be in line to get one.

First off, yeah. I’m a total gadget geek. And 2nd, I love Apple products. So with that disclaimer I’ll tell you why the iPad represents much more than just being a newly coveted shiny piece of technology that will change personal computing in many ways. For one, it is personal. A PC nowadays is a functional machine. We use it to get our work done, manage our digital media, and surf the web. Of those three, the iPad won’t be the work horse a PC will be and therein lies why I think it’s great. It manages to be a functional computer that does all of the fun stuff. After working all day (in front of a computer, no less), the last thing you want to do is prop a laptop in front of you when you get home or while watching TV. The iPad serves the same purpose but minus the boring work part. But in case you do need to be productive, there’s always the iPad friendly version of iWork.

The next reason I think the iPad will be great: it’s highly accessible because of the simplicity of the iPhone OS. Tablet computers aren’t new. They’ve actually been around for about 10 years when Microsoft introduced the tablet PC. Those things were clunky to use and not very user friendly. They were essentially direct ports of Windows but in touch form. No keyboard but it did have a easy to lose stylus. Fast forward to the innovations made with the iPhone OS. Steve Jobs mentioned there are over 75 million iPod Touch’s and iPhone’s in the world and they all use the same operating system that will reside in the iPad. Simply put. You already know how to use this thing. And for people that haven’t used an iPod Touch or iPhone, the learning curve isn’t too great allowing your grandparents or any other technophobic relative, an opportunity to access the Internet like no other device before.

The Apple App Store has become a tremendous phenomenon and it’s the third and biggest reason I believe the iPad will succeed and ride the momentum that iPhone and iPod Touch has provided since the store launched in July 2008. Adding a layer on top of the already intuitive and elegant iPhone OS is a library of over 150,000 apps  that fit every user’s needs and with many more on their way that will no doubt take advantage of that impressive display.

Yeah, there are the detractors out there that are wishing for a camera for iChat sessions or the ability to multitask or those that cry about the lack of flash support. To each of those: camera will be probably coming in version 2.0 when 4G services would be able to enable a video call; multitasking has been a compromise many iPhone users have been sacrificing but with OS 4.0 coming soon, the rumor is this will be changing so stay tuned. Flash is a resource hog and for a tablet that is to function less like a computer, Apple is quickly moving away from this standard and using more friendly HTML5. For those flash heavy sites, you’ll more than likely see native apps in the App Store that will make those sites more iPad friendly.

Ultimately with any new technology device, it comes down to “Do you really need this?”. We’ve lived our days without an iPad before but why now? In a few years, we’ll look back to January 27, 2010 and see that the revolution in truly personal computing and it started with the iPad. It’s the device that managed to connect even more users to the internet and enable another revolution in app development. And I can’t wait to be a part of it.


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February 10, 2010 at 3:21 pm

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