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Want Free Cable? There’s an App for that!

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I’m here to save you some money. If you’ve never heard of Boxee before, you’ll love what it can do. Nowadays, if you pay for cable through a provider or a satellite company, you end up buying tv programming packages that force you to buy all sorts of channels that you never ever watch. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just access the shows you actually wanted? That’s the idea behind Boxee.

Boxee is the name of a free media manager software you can download from http://boxee.tv  In simple terms, it takes all of the media on your computer and organizes it into one easy to use interface. But on top of that, it works as a media browser that can pull content from all over the internet and deliver it to your computer. Want to watch last night’s episode of 24? Do a search of the show and you’ll see a full season’s worth of episodes, compiled courtesy of Hulu.com!

This is essentially like watching TV shows on your computer from the network websites like NBC.com or CBS.com but what Boxee manages to do is make it easy to access and all in one place. If you’re willing to sacrifice the need to watch a show live (who does anyway with DVR’s today), you can catch virtually any popular TV show on Boxee, the day after it airs on network television. And the list of available shows is comprehensive. I watch alot of TV and every one of my favorites are there plus some classics from the past (Silver Spoons, He-Man and Knight Rider anyone?)

On top of the TV shows, Boxee also has an App Library of its own (who doesn’t have an app store today?) that gets you access to even more of the web. Want to watch Netflix streaming movies, listen to music on Pandora or access you’re Flickr account? You can do just that.

Now how do I go about all of this, you might be asking? First, sign up for an account at http://boxee.tv It’s free to register and to download the software. To access this content on your TV, you’ll need to connect your computer to your television. There is a great tutorial that greets you once you launch Boxee for the first time that shows you how to do this using the necessary cables. If this setup is no good for you, Boxee just recently announced their Boxee Box at CES in January. It’s a set top box that has the software already integrated and works using WiFi. You simply connect the box to your TV like you would with your computer and voila: No more need for cable. Boxee mentioned the new box would arrive by the beginning of Q2 (ie March) but no price has been confirmed. But of course, you can just view all of this content on your computer and enjoy a cable free existence.

For even more coolness, iPod Touch and iPhone users can turn their devices into a dedicated Boxee remote control. Download the Boxee Remote Control app in the App Store. Simply launch the app and be sure your iPod or iPhone is connected to WiFi. It’ll automatically connect wirelessly to your computer enabling access from anywhere in the room. (ITunes Link http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/boxee-remote/id305171838?mt=8 )

The value of Free can’t be overstated and when it’s done this easy, it’s a no brainer. Give Boxee a try. I think you’ll like it!


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February 10, 2010 at 6:00 pm

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